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leBistro™ French Recipe Ham, Bellentani and Ermitage, Le Roulé, Solera® Serrano ham, cheeses, salami, prosciutto, and chorizo; and more. From all over the world, we bring your products to the table...    
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Our products include traditional cheeses and cured meats from Europe, and domestically crafted,
award-winning artisanal cheeses and deli meats. Our "Best of Class" specialty deli products...
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Using traditional dry curing methods and spices imported from Spain, Solera Traditional Spanish Chorizo and Prosciutto is made from select, premium meats that are hand trimmed...   
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Formed in 1991, our company has a proven track record of delivering strong and reliable value-added product solutions to both the specialty retail and food service sectors. We provide a portfolio of “Best of Class” specialty deli products that are both well established with consumers and on the emerging edge of contemporary consumer lifestyle trends. Come on in and learn what we can do for you.
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